Occupational Therapy

Get Started

Welcome to the Rochester Center for Children! We're pleased that you would like to take the first step in starting Occupational Therapy & look forward to meeting you and your family. Here is some helpful information about the Occupational Therapy intake process:

New Client Intake

You can begin the client intake process by completing the form on this page or calling our office.

Schedule an Evaluation

When your intake information has been processed, the scheduling team will contact you to set a time for a thorough evaluation.

Pre-Evaluation Packet

After your evaluation has been scheduled, you will be sent a pre-evaluation packet to complete. This includes a questionnaire for medical, educational, & developmental history; other services or therapy received; current concerns; current responses to different situations; and any relevant documents.


Next, you will participate in a clinical evaluation that includes a combination of assessments specific to any sensory, motor, and/or functional skill challenges. This can include standardized assessment tools and clinical observations. The occupational therapist will then interpret the results, write a report, and collaborate with you to create a treatment plan that prioritizes your family's goals.


Once your treatment plan is established, we will work with you schedule therapy appointments and begin treatment.