Improving the Lives
of the
People We Serve
Since 2004, the Rochester Center for Children is dedicated to improving the lives of the clients we serve. RCC is an integrated, multidisciplinary program for clients & families. We strive to provide person-centered services that meet the needs of the client. The Center is proud to have dedicated, knowledgeable staff with extensive experience in servicing clients across their lifespan & multiple service modalities.


The Rochester Center for Children
In 2004, two therapists decided to open a Center to provide therapy for children with Autism. They would contract with professionals & provide the therapy on their own. They soon realized that the need for services in the Rochester area was greater than what they had prepared for. They quickly grew from two to ten students by the end of the first year. As RCC continued to grow, the need for additional services became evident. It has long been the dream to grow RCC into a multidisciplinary program with services to address needs from a variety of aspects & provide support to a wider community across their lifespan. RCC now provides support through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for children with autism spectrum disorder and related conditions, psychotherapy for a wide array of mental health & wellness needs, occupational therapy services for pediatric populations, and specialized transportation services.

The Rochester Center for Children is family owned and operated by the therapists who opened the Center. RCC strives to create a nurturing environment where everyone can succeed, clients & staff! The first three therapists hired continue to work at RCC as Supervisors. Our philosopy is that if you are happy, everyone has a better chance of succeeding.


Support Groups
Parents, siblings, caregivers, guardians, & family members of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); join together in a safe space to share experiences, ask questions, and build relationships with others who understand the challenges you encounter.

Participants do not need to be clients of RCC to join & attend.
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