Providing a safe, enjoyable ride experience for all clients

The Rochester Center for Children provides non-emergency medical transportation for clients currently enrolled in services at RCC and other outside agencies.  Our drivers are kind, attentive, and look to meet the needs of each individual rider.  All drivers meet the qualifications with Mental Health Care Programs (MHCP), Special Transportation Services (STS), and have been provided training in working with children with a variety of needs and abilities using applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques.  It is our goal to provide a safe, enjoyable ride experience for all clients; while offering peace of mind to their parents and caregivers.


The Rochester Center for Children has two payment options for clients receiving transportation services.  Medical Assistance (MA) is an acceptable payment source for services rendered by RCC; this includes TEFRA which is a Medicaid program similiar to MA.  The other payment option is for clients to pay out-of-pocket for transportation services.  Non-response to invoices will result in a written notice provided to the client's legal representative about further action to remediate the bill.

Note: If a client is engaged in transportation services and is eligible for insurance coverage but has not completed the necessary requirements for insurance coverage, they will be held liable for all fees associated with services rendered during the time that they were not covered.  These fees must be paid in full and an invoice will be mailed to the client or their legal representative.

Get Started

Current and upcoming Rochester Center for Children clients, please complete the contact form on the left if you are interested in transportation services.  Upon intake, we will look to integrate your child into the transportation schedule as soon as possible.  Due to limited availability, we may not be able to accommodate transportation immediately after enrollment.  If at any point throughout the year you would like to alter your child's transportation or transportation schedule, please contact us as soon as possible.  We will do our best to accommmodate your request(s).

Clients not currently enrolled at our facility are also welcome to contact RCC regarding transportation services.  We look forward to providing services to all eligible children throughout the Rochester community.