Psychotherapy Services

Services are available surrounding children & adolescent mental health, school difficulties, parenting concerns & support, autism spectrum disorder, adjustment & transition difficulties and stress, emotional & behavioral regulation challenges, anxiety, depression, ADHD/executive functioning challenges, and relationship concerns.

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Diagnostic Assessments
A Diagnostic Assessment takes place during the first few appointments in which the clinician will gather history, learn about current concerns, and discuss information related to our services. This information is used to create a comprehensive assessment to meet insurance company requirements and will lead toward creating a client-centered treatment plan for services.

Individual Therapy
Work with an individual therapist who can provide support tailored to the individual's specific needs. This will involve identifying areas of concern and creating goals that help the individual reach their highest potential & satisfaction with their treatment outcome.
Couple/Partner Therapy
Therapy session with all partners of a relationship, no matter their status. This involves a safe space to process through difficulties that occur within relationships to support healthy relationships & strengthen the bond between all individuals. Often these will be joint sessions, but it will sometimes be appropriate to break off into individual sessions & then come back together jointly.
Family Therapy

This therapy address challenges with whomever is involved in the family system to work through conflict and use positive, adaptive means to communicate & support all members of the family. This includes assessing patterns & maladaptive strategies currently being used to replace them with more constructive methods to improve relationships and create opportunities for growth as a family system.